Selling to Customers – Use Visuals !

October 21, 2014 / Arielle Adler

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Although posted some months ago,  ‘s post on “Are You Using Visuals to Communicate to Your Customers?” is still very relevant.

Too often companies tend to fill up their presentations and collateral with too many words. In this world where time is so precious and “time is money”, who has time to read and assimilate the abundess information one tries to convey ?
The best way to teach one about your products, solutions and services and make an impact with the audience is by using visuals.

Some more tips for building eye-catching presentations:

  • Regardless of the quantity of slides you use, don’t be afraid to leave white space (leaving areas without text or images on your page). Crowding lots of information in little room you have may cause your audience visual overload. A presentation which is too crowded with information loses its impact and runs the risk to daunt viewers. Instead, take advantage of white space by showing for example only a single slide of a pie chart or use it as a means to highlight information; leave a headline with lots of white space around it, and it will catch the viewer’s attention immediately.
  • Also take into consideration the color schemes you use, whether they are used as background color or font color. Companies should create and use branding guidelines, in order to strengthen the company brand. A good way of doing that is by creating easy-to-use  templates with build-in slide layouts accompanied by icons and pictures.

Good luck !