The Challenges of Partnering for Excellence

March 21, 2015 / Arielle Adler


If you want to make the most out of your business, and of course that you do, besides offering quality products or services, you also need to have channel marketing, a useful and challenging addition to a company’s marketing mix.
If done right, it brings great value to your business – both in terms of larger market coverage as well as revenues.

As Channel Marketing Manager, I have witnessed that building a valuable partnership over the years with channel partners, created opportunities that turned into sales. The secret sauce of channel partner success is twofold. At one hand, by understanding your customers and their needs. At the other hand, by connecting to and cooperating with your channel partners.

Customers’ needs should be identified and the added value and demand for their products and services must be promoted. One very efficient way of doing so is by having a dedicated channel marketing manager who acts as the facilitator between you and your customers.
This strategy is being embraced by more and more companies nowadays that want to understand the added value and importance of channel marketing.

It’s not easy to handle the main challenge of building trust and keeping the channel partners motivated and interested.

That’s why companies support their channels partners with a newsletter to keep them abreast of the latest developments and hold webinars to enhance their knowledge in an easy and convenient way.

When focusing on developing the knowledge of your channel partners through easy access to a Resource Center, a Channel Portal and online sales training, it empowers them to identify potential customers, generate awareness of solutions and keep them interested in selling your offerings through incentive plans such as Channel Partner Programs.

By keeping them motivated and showing them the benefits of partnering with you, the company will get a competitive advantage.

More than anything, you must prepare a solid strategy before taking action and channel marketing will prove to be quite a significant aid to your business.


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