Rushing Through Life; Enjoy It Or Stress Out

January 15, 2014 / Arielle Adler


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Do you know the feeling that:

  • Your day is too short? There are not enough hours in a day?
  • You hardly are able to cross off action items from your have-to-do list?
  • You add new action items to your to-do list faster than you are able to them cross off?
  • You go to sleep with the feeling that you hardly had any time for yourself?
  • Do you wonder where time did “go”?

Looking around us, we see people rushing and hardly taking the time to look and smell the coffee. It almost looks as if we are in a never-ending (and winning) race against the clock and that we are in competition with ourselves and others to get more things done in a shorter time.

No, you do not imagine it; it does happens which is sad.
We all need to work (at least most of us) but in this race against the clock, it is so easy to forget about ourselves, our own needs and to enjoy the process of our daily routine.

You might not be able to change WHAT you are doing but you can definitely change (with some practice) HOW you are doing it!

Take a step back, try to view yourself through the eyes of a stranger or camera, observe and conclude what you would like to see this person (you) do differently.
It is difficult to change habits, but if you succeed to alter your attitude towards your overcrowded life style, you will experience that you enjoy your life far more. It will give you internal rest and because of that, less stress. Your mental and physical condition will improve and you will start to feel better and content with yourself.

The people around you will feel it and it makes your being-around more pleasant.

Therefore: take the time to “observe” yourself, take small steps in changing your habits. You will see that over time, you will not only gain more time but also win “big time”.


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