Mission Impossible: Hiring a Super(wo)man Marketing Person

January 8, 2014 / Arielle Adler

Trying to catch up with today’s developments in Social Media Technology and Networking is extremely time-consuming. It is a fulltime job to be an expert in all the relevant social media groups and be active in them.

But, in order to be a relevant candidate for a marketing job, you simply do not have a choice – you are asked to be social media-savvy.
During my job search, I encountered multiple requests for not only classic multitasking skills that every passionate marketing professional  should have,  but also to be able to write marketing content, preferably technical content, and have broad experience in social media.

Be honest, who has time to do all of this?

Anyone who is or has been working in the marketing field has experienced at some point during his/her career that regardless how much fun it might be, it’s also extremely time consuming. It requires not only an “eye for detail”, but also ongoing creating and posting of fresh content. In short, it requires talent and takes up a lot of time.
It means that employers expect their marketers to catch up with emails, special projects, budget discussions and event arrangements, to write articles, press releases and any other publishable text in addition to be active in all kinds of social networking groups.
But writing (and I mean writing an interesting article that is read from beginning to the end!)  requires skills which a “classic-called” marketing person was never trained for, is not being trained for and most likely will never get trained for.
For all those companies who wish to employ a “super-marketing” person who claims to have all of these skills, please adjust your expectations.

Writing is a skill and requires aptitude, a state-of-mind and lots of time, a condition which is generally a luxury in a so-called standard working atmosphere. The same applies to the social media.
So do yourself a favor. To get the best results with the best talent, start outsourcing! Get dedicated people whose expertise is to write your articles for you, publish them on all the relevant social media and groups. You will not only get high quality, but also make your marketing team happier!

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