Israel’s Agricultural Innovations Showcased at Fresh Agro-Mashov Exhibition

June 19, 2017 / Arielle Adler

Despite the fact that the geographical location of Israel is not the greatest agricultural terrain due to its desert lands, lack of water, and climate, it has not only become a world leader in agriculture technologies and innovation but is also a major contributor to the international exportation of fresh produce. So much so is its successful involvement in the industry that it has hosted the FreshAgro-Mashov Exhibiton & International Fresh Produce Summit 2017 for the past 27 years for all of Europe, Asia and Africa. Israel’s agricultural history is one of commitment and dedication.
In previous years, the Agro-Mashov showcase has displayed some of Israel’s many agricultural innovations, as they are world renowned for their dynamic agricultural developments. They are the creators of many agricultural techniques used far and wide such as: the drip irrigation systemfor Israeli nurseries; hybrid cucumber seeds that are disease resistant and suitable for medical harvesting; grain cocoons, huge bags that provide a simple and inexpensive way for African and Asian farmers to keep their grain market-fresh, making sure the harvest remains clean and protected in heat and humidity; the Judean date palm, the oldest seed to ever be revived from extinction, and the Tomaccio Cherry Tomato. Agro-Mashov  will continue to display its advancements annually, sharing them with the public.
The exhibition will take place at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, from 27-28 June 2017 and is expected to welcome over 20,000 guests. It offers many opportunities for networking and learning opportunities in the industry, and is an ideal rendezvous point for guests from all over the world for exposure to issues such as the problems and solutions of shortages in water, food and land, and many more agricultural issues that the world faces today.
For more information:
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