Changing the sitting culture at work

June 6, 2016 / Arielle Adler


The saying “movement contributes to a visible improvement in the health of the brain” is encouraging companies to alter sitting habits as many employees sit more than ten hours a day.

What can you do to discourage sedentary?
People should be enticed to change their behavior, especially in the workplace because there is much to be gained. Fact is that too much sitting may even cause health problems.

Hold meetings while standing – the investment is minimum and you can already start immediately. Another advantage is that in general the meetings are a lot shorter.

Use the staircase – encourage employees to make usage of the stairs. Make them attractive, for example with good lighting, pictures, funny mirrors and wall art.

Take frequent short walking breaks – stimulate employees to take short walking breaks, to the kitchen or outside, to give the eyes a break, the brain a short break and breathe in some fresh air.

Install desk cycles at work – several vendors offer height-adjustable desks with pedals underneath which allows “exercising while working”.While you are riding your upper body is virtually silent enabling writing, reading and talking like at a normal desk.

Use ergonomics and technology – change office furniture and design a landscape that challenges people to assume different positions instead of just sitting.

Even with nowadays technology you can battle sitting habits. When sitting too long at your desk, you will receive a message on your smartphone, from apps such as Stand Up! The Work Break Timer, StandApp Pro and StretchClock.


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