The importance of data collection and keeping the database up-to-date

מאת Arielle Adler / 04/06/2019

Did you run lately a marketing campaign and had little success?There could be various reasons contributing to that but one the main reasons is an outdated database.Nowadays, almost 67% of companies rely on CRM data for growth of their bottom line. Yet, close to 94% of B2B companies suspect their database to be inaccurate.This causes…

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Why You Always Need a Plan B When Exhibiting

מאת Arielle Adler / 30/09/2018

The basic preparations required for exhibiting at industry events are pretty much identical and seasoned professionals know that it is intense work to provide the required deliverables according to the event organizers deadlines and related internal guidelines. Having said that, it is fun work and very rewarding when everything planned turns out all right.  Those days…

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How to prepare for and beat your fear of public speaking

מאת Arielle Adler / 02/01/2018

It is such an exciting opportunity to share your knowledge, thoughts and opinions with others but doing so in a meeting in front of colleagues is a complete different ballgame than speaking in public in front of strangers. Knowing that you will be judged in every aspect from the moment your name is announced to…

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Israel's Agricultural Innovations Showcased at Fresh Agro-Mashov Exhibition

מאת Arielle Adler / 19/06/2017

Despite the fact that the geographical location of Israel is not the greatest agricultural terrain due to its desert lands, lack of water, and climate, it has not only become a world leader in agriculture technologies and innovation but is also a major contributor to the international exportation of fresh produce. So much so is…

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Why You Should Visit the Fresh Agro-Mashov Exhibition & Summit 2017

מאת Arielle Adler / 13/06/2017

The Fresh Agro-Mashov Exhibiton &International Fresh Produce Summit 2017 is an annual International Exhibition of Agriculture which showcases Israel's vibrant and highly advanced agricultural sector.  In its 27th consecutive year, the two-day event will be held during 27-28 June 2017 at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, Hall 2, in Tel Aviv. Exhibitors consist…

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7 Tips for Selecting the Right Translation Provider and Making It a Positive Experience

מאת Arielle Adler / 12/03/2017

“It is the task of the translator to release in his own language, that pure language that is under the spell of another, to liberate the language imprisoned in a work in his recreation of that work”  Are you taking your business worldwide? You are if you own a website on the internet. Technology has…

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Changing the sitting culture at work

מאת Arielle Adler / 06/06/2016

The saying "movement contributes to a visible improvement in the health of the brain" is encouraging companies to alter sitting habits as many employees sit more than ten hours a day. What can you do to discourage sedentary? People should be enticed to change their behavior, especially in the workplace because there is much to…

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A Marketer's’ First Measure of Success

מאת Arielle Adler / 03/05/2016

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care” ― Theodore Roosevelt Customer Satisfaction. It is now, and should always have been the marketers’ first measure of success, as it is the most important principle of marketing a business successfully. Marketing has now entered the "age of the customer", where…

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About Cyber-attacks, Hacktivists, and Security Solutions

מאת Arielle Adler / 28/03/2016

In the 21st century, cybercrime is rampant with hackers stealing and using data from individuals, companies and governments for their personal, financial or political gain. In particular, government agencies and large corporations are prime targets for organized hacker groups (“hacktivists”) such as Anonymous. For example, this group has been orchestrating its annual April 7 cyber-attacks…

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25 Years of Fruitful Business Opportunities at Fresh Agro-Mashov

מאת Arielle Adler / 03/06/2015

This year “Fresh Agro-Mashov agriculture exhibition” celebrates a quarter century of having grown into the central meeting point for the members of Agricultural industry from Europe, Asia and Africa. This year, the participants are streaming in Tel-Aviv in Israel for two days of amazing meetings with the sole players of the world’s Agricultural sector. The…

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Agriculture’s “Annual World Cup” is Back in Town

מאת Arielle Adler / 28/05/2015

Fresh Agro Mashov international Fresh Produce Summit and Exhibition also tagged as the “agriculture’s annual World Cup” is holding its annual agricultural products exhibition at the Israel Fairs & Conventions Center, Tel-Aviv, June 23-24, 2015 where it will facilitate a cooperation of all stakeholders in the fresh agricultural products. This will entail display of fresh…

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Orchestrating a Successful Exhibition – The Art of Conducting It Right (Part 2)

מאת Arielle Adler / 28/04/2015

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance After having answered the fundamental questions about your reasons for the exhibition (Purpose for participation), and having conducted the necessary Pre-exhibition preparations, both discussed in part 1 of this series of blog posts, we will now move to the next phase of planning a successful exhibition. How to attract visitors…

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Orchestrating a Successful Exhibition – The Art of Conducting It Right

מאת Arielle Adler / 17/04/2015

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance Performing exhibitions at industry events can be a lucrative and respectable way of raising your profile, launching a new offer and generating sales leads, IF done right. The act of conducting and managing a successful participation in exhibitions is a state-of-the-art business; standing out from the crowd, differentiating your company…

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The Challenges of Partnering for Excellence

מאת Arielle Adler / 21/03/2015

credit: If you want to make the most out of your business, and of course that you do, besides offering quality products or services, you also need to have channel marketing, a useful and challenging addition to a company's marketing mix. If done right, it brings great value to your business – both in terms…

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Concepts to Human Behavior and Teamwork – What We Can Learn From Animal Team Work

מאת Arielle Adler / 08/02/2015

If you would have to find great examples of teamwork, cooperation, concept of leadership and dedication, and a combination of them all, there is no better place to look for them than in Mother Nature. We can learn so much from animal behavior by observing what nature instinctively has taught them, as they understand that…

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Selling to Customers – Use Visuals !

מאת Arielle Adler / 21/10/2014

Picture courtesy of Although posted some months ago,  Rich Earle's post on "Are You Using Visuals to Communicate to Your Customers?" is still very relevant. Too often companies tend to fill up their presentations and collateral with too many words. In this world where time is so precious and "time is money", who has time to read…

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Is there a connection between Wet Dreams and Bitcoin?

מאת Arielle Adler / 01/09/2014

Read this article by Mark Rees in the Bitcoin magazine called "Is Bitcoin causing Libertarians to Experience Wet-Dreams?". Researching all things bitcoin thoroughly for the last two years has led me to come across several occurrences of articles referring to bitcoin as a “Libertarian wet-dream”. It is commonly referred to this way in several blogs, forums, computer…

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Child-Targeted Marketing Isn't A Kid's Game

מאת Arielle Adler / 24/03/2014

Image courtesy of Every year 100s of billions of dollars are spent by advertisers on inspiring, persuading and manipulating people into a consumer routine which has desolating effects on the environment through its indulgence and improvidence. Advertisers play on our insecurities, create deceitful needs and offer fake solutions. They succeed in raising a certain…

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21st Century Biggest Paradox – Prolonging Life with Job Vacancy Inadequacy, Now What?

מאת Arielle Adler / 17/03/2014

Through the ages continuous efforts by scientists have increased the average life expectancy. Foreseen is that in the course of this century life expectancy will reach 100 years and possibly far beyond. Endless medical research and efforts are made with the aim of prolonging life; fighting life threatening diseases, predicting new epidemics and curing those…

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Hard-Core Marketing – Israel's Coffee And Alcohol Revolution

מאת Arielle Adler / 02/03/2014

Image courtesy of Cofix, perhaps one of Israel's most ambitious and certainly most recent coffee-to-go chains, announced to open Cofix Bar nearly 5 months after having launched its first branch in October 2013. Cofix's unique concept of selling all of their products for 5 NIS only (approximately  €1) is intended to compete against convenience…

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Super Bowl of Real-Time Marketing – $4 Million for 30 Seconds Airtime. Heavily overprized!

מאת Arielle Adler / 20/02/2014

With more than 100 million viewers, the Super Bowl game is America’s highest rated television program and unquestionably the ruler of yearly sporting events. It is well known that it is one of the best times for companies to sell their products and messages to consumers.Companies paid around $4 million a 30-second spot during this year's game!…

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Making or Breaking An Article – 5 Tips On Publishing Content

מאת Arielle Adler / 12/02/2014

When reading content, regardless if published in an e-book or on the internet, as a blog or an company website, our unconscious brain scans it and decides very quickly if we like what we read or not. Not only WHAT we read makes our unconscious brain decide if we enjoy it or not, but its…

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To Bid or Not To Bid On It – The Bitcoin

מאת Arielle Adler / 29/01/2014

The Bitcoin as a new payment concept can be pretty intimidating as its perception is still quit new. Developed in 2008 by techies, this digital form of money is considered by many people as an overrated techno-bubble. Fact is that its value swings volatility,  has the ability to be used anonymously and might be acquired…

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Ageism – discriminating job seekers over 40 – a big mistake!

מאת Arielle Adler / 19/01/2014

Prepare yourself for the next trend; make way for 40+-ers! At some point in our professional lives we will all experience it – the uncertainty of when employers have "enough of us". It might be that they reorganize their company and we find ourselves without a job, for some of us ….again. It’s daunting to…

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