A Marketer’s’ First Measure of Success

May 3, 2016 / Arielle Adler

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”
Theodore Roosevelt

Customer Satisfaction. It is now, and should always have been the marketers’ first measure of success, as it is the most important principle of marketing a business successfully.

Marketing has now entered the “age of the customer”, where customers have more information, choices, and power than ever before. The “customer experience”, the culmination of all brand and customer interactions, now matters more than
When customers interact with a brand, they expect consistency. They expect their interactions across any channel to be the same. This demonstrates to them that the company that they are dealing with really knows and understands them. They develop a “connection” and loyalty to that company.

Marketing teams have shifted their mindset and tactics from marketing at customers, to focusing on creating a cohesive customer journey, from beginning to end. If we truly put customers at the center of our thinking, we connect the heart of the business to the heart of the consumer, and that is the connection that is resilient and hard to break . It is the connection marketers and customers pursue.

image courtesy of http://www.foresee.com

In 2016, as Digital Media is declared “the King”, the “customer experience” is considered the crown jewel of marketing, and both are now shaping the pace for the profession. Predictive intelligence tools such as Salesforce are making it easier for marketers to track customer behavior and use insights to create highly personalized interactions. By collecting customer data in real time, these marketers apply what they know about individuals to tailor the customer experience.

To ensure success in the future, companies must redirect all tactics, both internal
and external towards customer satisfaction. They should implement corporate wide regulations in all units and departments to align in the same vision, creating the ultimate customer experience.

*Data derived from State of Marketing Report, 2016, Trends and insights from nearly 4,000
marketing leaders worldwide